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Michael Kenna
The first time I saw Kenna’s work was a revelation. I remember asking myself, what kind of photographic alchemy is this? His images from Hokkaido and Huangshan are especially exquisite. still has copies of the exquisite slip-case edition of Huangshan.

Edward Weston & Family
The whole Weston family is/was incredibly talented. I have always been particularly drawn to the work of Edward and Brett– both landscape masters of tone and contrast.

Hiroshi Sugimoto
Sugimoto is probably best known for his seascapes (one of these images graced the cover of a U2 album), but his monochrome work also includes a fascinating series of photographs that captured figures found in dioramas and wax museums and transformed them into compelling images that make these figures seem so life like.

Ansel Adams
Most everyone has heard of Ansel Adams– and his reputation for incredible black and white landscapes is much deserved. Adams was a master manipulator of tones and contrasts in the darkroom. His work remains a valuable lesson for why post processing is a valuable part of the creation of a photo.

John Sexton
Sexton worked for Ansel Adams for many years and is, himself, a master when it comes to photographing and producing prints of landscapes with amazing tones and contrast.

Alexy Titarenko
Brilliant and original work from an incredibly talented photographer.

Joel Tjintljelaar
Joel is one of the rising stars in monochrome photography today. His seascapes and architectural images are truly impressive and reveal a highly talented photographer with a wonderful sense of vision.  Joel’s website offers a wealth of great tutorials about long exposure photography– as well as tutorials, articles, and interviews from guest photographers.  You can read my interview with Joel –> here.

Galen Garwood
Galen’s work, both his painting and his photography, strikes me as fluid, always in motion.

David Fokos
Fokos’ long exposure photography demonstrates a beautiful attention to minimal elements and wonderful tones.  You can read an interview that I conducted with David –> here.

Brian Kosoff
I am especially drawn to Kosoff’s amazing night photography. His website is well worth a visit.

David Burdeny
Burdeny is another exceptionally impressive photographer. His long exposure seascapes are particularly mesmerizing.

Cole Thompson
I am especially drawn to Cole’s  “The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau” series.  You can read an interview I did with Cole–> here.

Friends (alphabetical order)

Ian Bramham
I’ve admired Ian’s monochrome work for quite some time now — especially his series of cooling stacks from nuclear power plants. His seascapes are equally exquisite.

Andy Brown
Andy is not only a seriously talented photographer but also an artist who has much to say about the evolution of long exposure photography here in the early 21st century.  His monochrome work never fails to impress me .  In addition to the link above, you can also follow his images and discussions over at Flickr.

Stephen Cairns
One of my very favorite photographers, Stephen catches silence better than I can ever dream of doing so.

Athena Carey
After years of wonderful portraiture work, the always dazzling Athena Carey has set her sights on long exposure work.   Her long exposure work explores the silence, solitude, lines and curves of the landscape, the sea, and architecture.   In addition to being a wonderfully talented photographer,  she is also an exceptionally delightful human being, one that I am truly pleased to call a friend.

Brian Day
There is street photography– and then there is Brian Day’s street photography.  That said— Brian’s work is so much more.  His self portraits and Detroit Fire Department images are exceptional.  Miss his work at your own peril.  You can read an interview I did with Brian over at my eZine.

Yvette Depaepe
Yvette, a dear friend of mine, has a wonderful eye for the beauty of the landscape and the joy in a child’s face.

Jeff Gaydash
Jeff is a truly impressive photgrapher. His long exposure work is an unending source of inspiration. He is also an incredible digital printer, so if you are looking for someone to bring your vision to reality, make sure you contact him (you can find his printing services here).

Julia Anna Gospodarou
Julia is one of the most significant rising stars of long exposure architectural photography. She also works on seascapes. You can view a gallery of images and read some of her thoughts about photography over at my eZine.

kevin saint gray
One of my most favorite photographers, Kevin’s work is pure poetry. I am endlessly fascinated by how striking and original his work is.  You can read an interview I did with Kevin over at my eZine.

Sandra Herber
Sandra has become one of my favorite contemporary photographers. Her work ranges from storms and snowscapes of the prairies to infrared studies of Mayan ruins– and much, much more.

Steve Landeros
If I had to choose my favorite photographer working in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would, with no hesitation whatsoever, pick Steve.  Steve primarily works with long exposures, shifting back and forth between film and digital.  You can read an interview I did with Steve over at my eZine.

Drew Medlin
Drew has lots of wonderful landscape and seascape work in his portfolio– but his lightning images are especially wonderful. You can view a gallery of images and read some of his thoughts about photography over at my eZine.

Grant Murray
Grant, a great friend, is cornering the market on the beautiful landscape and architecture of the Vancouver area.  His recent long exposure work reveals a serious artist committed to developing his vision.

Rohan Reilly
Rohan has worked and continues to work his long exposure magic on the architecture of Barcelona, Spain and the many seascape and landscape possibilities of West Cork, Ireland. You can view a gallery of images and read some of his thoughts about photography over at my eZine.

Maria Stromvik
Maria’s work is breathtaking. Truly.

James Thornbrook
James captures the soul of flowers in his exqusite monochrome and color floral work.  You can view a gallery of images and read some of his thoughts about photography over at my eZine.

Jeff Vyse
Located in the UK, Jeff is another one of my favorite photographers currently working with monochrome long exposures of seascapes.

Paul Wheeler
Paul reveals landscapes and seascapes through the camera with the eye of a geologist.  I heartily recommend that you visit his website and experience his beautiful long exposure work.  You can view a gallery of images and read some of his thoughts about photography over at my eZine.

Online Photography Magazines and Blogs

Dodho: Galleries and interviews.
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Learning Resources

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