I am very pleased to announce that the poet Peter Weltner and I have collaborated on a signed, limited edition book of poetry and images.  Printed by the artist and poet Galen Garwood‘s Marrowstone PressOld-Growth contains seven poems accompanied by seven photographs.  The book is an 11’5 inches x 12 inches hand-bound, cloth edition; the photographs are individually tipped-in; and each copy has been signed by the poet (Peter Weltner), the photographer (Nathan Wirth), and the publisher (Galen Garwood).  The edition is limited to 100, of which only 70 are being offered for sale.


To purchase a copy of the book, click on the image below. 

Price for US Customers: $75.00 + $15.00 for priority shipping and handling 
Price for Customers Outside of the US: contact me for a shipping quote 


About Peter Weltner
Peter Weltner taught English Renaissance poetry and prose and modern and contemporary British, Irish, and American fiction and poetry at San Francisco State University for thirty-seven years.  He has published twenty books or chapbooks of fiction and poetry including most recently The Return of What’s Been Lost, The Light of the Sun Becomes the SeaYou Wait for Me Where Mountain Peaks Are As White As Your Hair, and Antiquary: Poems and Stories.  He lives with his husband in San Francisco by the Pacific.



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