I contributed ten images to this beautifully crafted book– Spirited Stone: Lessons from Kubota’s Garden– which celebrates the history and cultural importance of the Kubota Garden in Seattle, WA.  The book is filled with beautiful photographs, poems, essays and stories from a variety of wonderfully talented photographers, poets, philosophers, and writers– all of whom have, as I have, found great inspiration and peace in this cultural treasure.  The book, like the garden itself, is a piece of art.   Below, you can view the ten images that I contributed. Please note that these images are not for sale to the general public.  It is possible, however, to purchase a print.  If interested, use the contact form to send me a query, and I will set it up so that the money can be sent directly to the Kubota Garden Foundation.

You can purchase the book directly from Chin Music Press –> HERE <–  And you should! 



The Images 

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